"I would use QJumpers again - it was efficent and value for money!"

Jean Berry - Vision Consulting Group Limited

"I used QJumpers because of the EMA connection and discount offered, plus the ability to move the job forward in stages as we required.  We started off with the basic product, Applicant Sourcing, and then moved up to the filtered service.  Had we had more applicants I would have considered using the short list service.

I was very happy the ad was on the web the same day we contacted them.  There was a slight delay of one day before the results were filtered for me due to demand.

I checked the filtering process against the applicants that were filtered out and I must say they were filtered very accurately.  We got our staff member from the filtered applicants and have been very happy with her.

I would use QJumpers again - it was efficient and value for money!

Vision Consulting Group