"We saved over $400,000 for the year in recruitment agency fees"


I joined Orcon at the start of 2008 with a view to growing the business while reducing recruitment costs. Specifically we needed to reduce our reliance on recruitment agencies - which meant we needed to go to market and recruit directly through our own advertising.

At the time there were around 120 employees, with anticipated growth of around 70%. Being a small company with a huge growth quota and only myself focused on recruitment, we needed extra help and so employed the services of QJumpers.

Over the 2008 calendar year, Orcon recruited 97 new employees. Through utilising the QJumpers advertising and filtering services, we were able to save over $400,000.00 for the year in recruitment agency fees.

The advertising and filtering service was a key factor in our recruitment process. Having these steps taken care of meant we had more time to focus on the assessment stages of our recruitment process, thus reducing our time to hire.

From being effective and having the time to make the right hiring decisions, we were also able to reduce our turnover from 49% to 21% in the year.

I'd recommend businesses should seriously consider QJumpers as an alternative to traditional recruitment methods.

Having a support resource focused on advertising and filtering really impacted on our time to hire, turnover, but more importantly contributed to a saving of over $400,000.00!