"..a fantastic system which has really sped up and eased recruitment administration"


"From an HR perspective, our challenges exist in having a nationally distributed workforce with such an immense number of different professionals, functions and work environments.

Finding the right people is of the utmost importance to making sure that our members are getting as much value and assistance as they can out of their memberships. Maintaining consistency while finding processes and systems that cater to a diverse range of needs is probably our biggest requirement.

With recruitment being such a heavily administrative process and manager's time being as precious as it is, we needed to find a way to help ease the burden of acknowledging, organising and rejecting all of the applications received.

Having been introduced to QJumpers at the last EMA briefing, we decided to trial using their services on two call-centre based customer service vacancies during December.

Besides the excellent assistance we received from Jo, Katrina and the QJumper's team, one of the key strengths of using QJumpers was their Applicant Management System. Copying and pasting can only speed things up so far, so having automated acknowledgements has removed the need for replying to each email application individually using a template.

When you are receiving sometimes 100 to 200 applications for a position, this part of the process can be extremely time-consuming (not to mention tedious and boring!).

As a file management system, it works superbly, is easy to navigate, and keeps all of the applications and their status through the recruitment process, be that short-listed or dismissed, all in one area.

The Applicant Management System helps organise all the submissions allowing for you to review each application and sort them into suitable candidates by creating a shortlist. And for those unsuccessful few (or unfortunately many in some cases!), it streamlines the process of notifying people that they have not been progressed on to the next stage.

One of the only positives to come out of the current economic climate is that we have been inundated with applications which makes this system even more useful. However in situations where there may be few, we have advised our managers to scroll through the QJumper's Talent Pool to see if there are any suitable candidates there. Most of the time we don't have to though as those who are registered with QJumpers are notified of our vacancy and will apply anyway.

All-in-all a fantastic system which has really sped up and eased the administration around recruiting!"

James Tunnell
HR Advisor
New Zealand Automobile Association