"..a fantastic system which has really sped up and eased recruitment administration"


BUPA Care Services

“We spent nearly three years trying to create an efficient recruitment system that met our needs. QJumpers came in and after 10 weeks had nailed it”. Natalie Yakas, BUPA Care Services

Challenge:  A recruitment system that was time consuming and hard to manage

For over three years Bupa struggled to formulate an effective in-house recruitment system.  The HR Recruitment team worked on building internal systems that would manage their process better, but the outcome was not satisfactory and it still involved too much administration.  Every step in the process was time consuming, and with over 1,500 applications flying in every-month, the workload of the HR Recruitment team was increased ten-fold.

Recruitment Manager at Bupa, Natalie Yakas, says her team spent most of their days reading hundreds of applications and replying to emails.

“The system was a nightmare; it turned our HR Recruitment team into CV readers and took them away from their real jobs, slowing the entire process down.”

Not only did the time consuming process take her team away from other important elements of their jobs, but it had little quality control says Natalie.

“With so many areas to be filled, the system became a numbers game due to volume which seemed to push the focus to bums on seats instead of what our care homes needed, which was quality in.”

The Bupa team experienced constant issues, dealing with errors in the software, lack of flexibility in regards to staff access and a lack of enhancement in the entire process.

“We threw out thousands of dollars on a system that failed, created bad communication and could never be altered to suit our needs, “ explains Natalie.

Better system communication and flexibility required

Due to the size and structure of Bupa, the software had problems creating clear communication workflow to all involved in the employment process, not just those within the HR Recruitment Team.

“The system we created caused poor communication within the different business areas of Bupa, especially those offsite. There was a requirement for better visibility and transparency between the business areas” explains Natalie.

As well as poor communication, the software was unable to be tweaked and changed to suit the users’ capabilities and necessary access.

Natalie knew the Bupa in-house system was never going to suit the companies growing needs, and says she realised they needed outside help to bring their employment process into the 21st Century.

QJumpers arrive

BUPA were ready and waiting with a challenge: they knew what they wanted, how they wanted it to work, and exactly what they wanted it to look like. Natalie says she knew the QJumpers team would have a challenge in front of them, trying to figure out what she needed and then figuring out how to make that happen.

“QJumpers bent over backwards to accommodate everything we wanted.  Through a collaborative approach we hacked out the bones of what we wanted in a two day workshop, the turnaround was unbelievable, they built and delivered the system beyond what we could have imagined.”

What Bupa found great about the QJumpers team was their ability to be creative and pioneering, coming up with new applications and alterations before Natalie and her team even realised they needed them.

“The QJumpers team kept coming up with leading ideas and software applications.  Even now they call me up with the latest technology and new digital ideas,” explains Natalie.

QJumpers built Natalie and her team a fully customised recruitment system that is simple to use, effective and has dramatically reduced the amount of time the HR Recruitment team spend on the employment process.

“We asked big things and QJumpers delivered 100%. Within 10 weeks of coming in, QJumpers had nailed the software, the system and the implementation,” says Natalie.

BUPA love their new recruitment system “Q”.

The new online recruitment system built by QJumpers and affectionately named Q, has been a continual success.  Recruitment Manager at Bupa, Natalie Yakas, says her team enjoyed working alongside QJumpers.

“The QJumpers team was innovative, focused and flexible. They built us a customized system that is so simple to use, so effective and has given our team the time to do their actual jobs.”

Time assigned to recruitment has been halved, the system automated, personified and it has delivered a sigh of relief for the entire HR Recruitment team.

Natalie says the whole company raves about their new “baby” Q, personifying the system and even giving members of staff their Q license.

“We love it, and to be honest, we can’t imagine life before Q”


"Looking for the right person at a reasonable cost and without all the hassle” was our question.  We selected the Shortlist option with QJumpers and it has made our recruiting experience more efficient, enjoyable and hassle free. 

We were able to see our Shortlist via the online portal and from here we are able to select candidates to interview knowing that they meet a lot of our requirements.  The staff at QJumpers are friendly and go the extra mile to help your recruitment needs. Well done QJumpers." Tristen Mauheni-Zacharias, HR Manager

Marra Building Solutions

"We recently used QJumpers to recruit an Office Manager.  As this was a key appointment for the business we decided to use the Shortlist option whereby QJumpers advertised, sourced and filtered applicants down to the top four candidates.    

QJumpers were appointed for this phase as due to our current work commitments and their expertise, this allowed a very smooth process up to the interview stage.  After the candidates were interviewed, we further advised QJumpers to complete a reference check with a report which was provided to allow us to make our final appointment. 
Overall we found the service to be excellent and the candidates put forward were of the highest quality and exceeded our expectations. The biggest benefit of this service to us was an ability to fill this key position within six weeks of approaching QJumpers.  We will most definitely be using QJumpers again in the future for recruitment of any key positions and highly recommend your organisation to any other business."
 Greg Johnston, General Manager

New Zealand Automobile Association

"From an HR perspective, our challenges exist in having a nationally distributed workforce with such an immense number of different professionals, functions and work environments.

Finding the right people is of the utmost importance to making sure that our members are getting as much value and assistance as they can out of their memberships. Maintaining consistency while finding processes and systems that cater to a diverse range of needs is probably our biggest requirement.

With recruitment being such a heavily administrative process and manager's time being as precious as it is, we needed to find a way to help ease the burden of acknowledging, organising and rejecting all of the applications received.

Having been introduced to QJumpers at the last EMA briefing, we decided to trial using their services on two call-centre based customer service vacancies during December.

Besides the excellent assistance we received from Jo, Katrina and the QJumper's team, one of the key strengths of using QJumpers was their Applicant Management System. Copying and pasting can only speed things up so far, so having automated acknowledgements has removed the need for replying to each email application individually using a template.

When you are receiving sometimes 100 to 200 applications for a position, this part of the process can be extremely time-consuming (not to mention tedious and boring!).

As a file management system, it works superbly, is easy to navigate, and keeps all of the applications and their status through the recruitment process, be that short-listed or dismissed, all in one area.

The Applicant Management System helps organise all the submissions allowing for you to review each application and sort them into suitable candidates by creating a shortlist. And for those unsuccessful few (or unfortunately many in some cases!), it streamlines the process of notifying people that they have not been progressed on to the next stage.

One of the only positives to come out of the current economic climate is that we have been inundated with applications which makes this system even more useful. However in situations where there may be few, we have advised our managers to scroll through the QJumper's Talent Pool to see if there are any suitable candidates there. Most of the time we don't have to though as those who are registered with QJumpers are notified of our vacancy and will apply anyway.

All-in-all a fantastic system which has really sped up and eased the administration around recruiting!"

James Tunnell
HR Advisor
New Zealand Automobile Association


Orcon saved $400,000

I joined Orcon at the start of 2008 with a view to growing the business while reducing recruitment costs. Specifically we needed to reduce our reliance on recruitment agencies - which meant we needed to go to market and recruit directly through our own advertising.

At the time there were around 120 employees, with anticipated growth of around 70%. Being a small company with a huge growth quota and only myself focused on recruitment, we needed extra help and so employed the services of QJumpers.

Over the 2008 calendar year, Orcon recruited 97 new employees. Through utilising the QJumpers advertising and filtering services, we were able to save over $400,000.00 for the year in recruitment agency fees.

The advertising and filtering service was a key factor in our recruitment process. Having these steps taken care of meant we had more time to focus on the assessment stages of our recruitment process, thus reducing our time to hire.

From being effective and having the time to make the right hiring decisions, we were also able to reduce our turnover from 49% to 21% in the year.

I'd recommend businesses should seriously consider QJumpers as an alternative to traditional recruitment methods.

Having a support resource focused on advertising and filtering really impacted on our time to hire, turnover, but more importantly contributed to a saving of over $400,000.00!


Holland Beckett Lawyers

We were really pleased with the service that QJumpers provided in terms of putting our advertisement together and then listing it on the various sites, but most importantly we managed to successfully recruit a new solicitor as a result of the advertisement."


Hertz saves hours per vacancy

"I will definitely use your services again.  Generally with recruitment I find it very difficult to manage time.  With so many emails and interruptions throughout the day from candidates it is sometimes impossible to get anything else done.  With your service, I can schedule time (usually about 20 minutes) every couple of days in my calendar to look at CVs and create my short-lists - and the bulk response tools must have saved hours off the last job we posted with you."

Matthew Gutschlag


Vision Consulting Group

"I used QJumpers because of the EMA connection and discount offered, plus the ability to move the job forward in stages as we required.  We started off with the basic product, Applicant Sourcing, and then moved up to the filtered service.  Had we had more applicants I would have considered using the short list service.

I was very happy the ad was on the web the same day we contacted them.  There was a slight delay of one day before the results were filtered for me due to demand.

I checked the filtering process against the applicants that were filtered out and I must say they were filtered very accurately.  We got our staff member from the filtered applicants and have been very happy with her.

I would use QJumpers again - it was efficient and value for money!

Vision Consulting Group

Iris gets great candidates

"What a great group of candidates you presented for our consideration for the support worker roles at our new Mt. Albert service.  We are moving forward with six of the candidates you presented, and will be making offers .... pending satisfactory reference checks..

Once again, working with all of you has been a pleasure."


Te Iwi O Ngati Kahu Trust Social Services

"QJumpers have done amazing improvements to the application process in which I am very pleased from when I first used your service to current. Your staff are wonderful and supportive, rapid responses, assist without hesitation, courteous and absolutely professional but still give that human touch, awesome. Many many thanks to you all."

Waikato Door Specialists

"We have found and hired an applicant from QJumpers for the position we had advertised. The best thing about it was easily accessing the CV's and being able to eliminate the applicants who didn't match our requirements i.e. HT License Class 2 was an essential requirement this time around. Knowing our advertisement was linked to three other sites gave us an advantage. Thank you for your support we would definitely use QJumpers for future vacancies as it was extremely easy and accessible."

"Just wanted to say how fab and easy the process was as well - I will be telling everyone about it!"

- Renee Forgie::Icon Advertising

"We have used QJumpers on a number of occasions and have found the service reduces costs and time that we would otherwise spend on recruitment. Being able to advertise on several high-profile websites through one provider is first-rate, as is the ability for us to manage candidates from all websites through one portal. The service is also being continually being upgraded and improved, which is great to see. We will carry on advertising available positions through QJumpers."
- Karen McConnell :: HR Manager, Warren and Mahoney Limited

"I have had an excellent response to this advert programme on QJumpers.. 25 applicants and at least 7 high calibre and worth interviewing. We are delighted!!!"
- Carol McCormick :: Human Resources Manager, Logan Print Ltd

"We decided as was discussed with Cherri to have her look after our [recruitment] while we concentrated on [our business]. I just wanted to thank you for your help and to let you know that all the candidates thought Cherri was wonderful. I also wanted to say that we would definately use you again in the future."
- Nadine Morris :: DQ Company Limited

"Your services do make it affordable to us "smaller" businesses to find the right candidate."
- Peter Lowish :: @ web one

"We had a good response to your advertising and very little from the newspaper so in the future I will approach Q Jumpers to advertise all our positions, it proved a much more financially viable option. Great service."
- Lynette King :: Crombie Lockwood

"I was very happy with the service provided by QJumpers. The staff that helped us through our recruitment process were fabulous and provided a great service. Would definitely recommend their service to our members."
- Laina Girven :: Chamber of Commerce, Tauranga Region Inc

"Your job listing service is very effective and the extra services that you provide are also cost efficient. Thank you for a job well done and we will use your service again."
- Murray Falloon :: Technical Water Systems Limited

"I'am very happy with the service from QJumpers. We have found 3 qualified Plumbers. The applicant management system was very user friendly as we could dismiss candidates that didn't match almost straight away. We had some under qualified candidates apply but the easy dismiss response made things alot easier than having to write the letters ourselves. We will definitely use QJumpers again when vacancies arise!"
- Leanne Armstrong :: Armstrong Plumbing

"Traditionally, candidate search has been dependent on meeting Wednesday and Saturday newspaper deadlines. I found QJumpers were able to provide an immediate broad reach through three separate websites at any given time during the week. The process is cost efficient and delivers results. I wouldnt hesitate to use them again."
- Rob Beechey :: Online Distribution