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HR Support Services

We can offer you HR Support in a number of different areas.  Often these relate to your recruitment process, or management of an employee or employees.  Our HR Consultants are able to work with you to determine your needs and provide you with a suitable solution. While some of the areas we assist with are below, you can call us with any specific needs.

Employment Relations

  • Employment Agreements (permanent, fixed term, casual and contractor)
  • Handling misconduct, managing poor performance
  • Disciplinary/Dismissal procedures
  • Ad hoc advice on all employment legislation ie… Parental leave, bereavement leave etc…)


Having well structured remuneration and benefits in place for your team can not only be motivating for employees but it can also help to reduce staff turnover.  QJumpers can provide you with advice on:

  • Advice on remuneration and retention of employees
  • Market rates
  • Salary packaging
  • Linking pay to performance

Performance Management

Setting clear expectations and key performance indicators, reviewing performance, providing feedback, rewarding success and when required taking disciplinary action is all part of an effective performance management framework. Done well, performance management can result in an effective, happy team. Done poorly it can result in a team of disgruntled employees. QJumpers will consult with you to put together an effective performance management plan for your business that includes:

  • Job Design and Job Descriptions
  • Development of performance appraisals
  • Setting of KPI’s/targets
  • Assistance with management of under-performing staff

Employee Exit Interviews

Capturing the knowledge and feedback of an employee before they leave your business is integral to future health of your organization. Regardless of the reason an employee leaves your business it’s important to have a plan in place to manage their departure. QJumpers can conduct exit interviews on your behalf to objectively capture the knowledge and feedback of your employees..

Employee Job Satisfaction Surveys

We all know that a productive employee increases profits - so employee satisfaction is integral to a successful business.  QJumpers can conduct independent and objective surveys to help you find out how satisfied and engaged your employees are.  After consultation with you we will tailor a survey to suit your needs. At the completion of the survey we will also present you with the results and verbatim comments. We can also recommend ways to improve the satisfaction and engagement of your team.

Policy Development and Manuals

HR policies and procedures provide a clear and objective set of guidelines by which to manage your people. They should be compliant with the law and create a fair and professional culture for your managers and employees by making all the rules clear. HR policies and procedures include:

  • Leave policies
  • Counseling and grievance procedures
  • Code of conduct
  • Travel and expenditure
  • Employment manuals
  • Health and Safety manuals

Panel Interviews

  • Independent advice /reports on candidates following the interview process

Interview Preparation

You are the product you're selling and a resume is your sales tool!  Your CV should act as a teaser - just enough to spark their interest and trigger a reaction of getting them to pick up the phone and want to know more. Feel confident in an interview that you are well prepared and know what questions to anticipate.

  • CV review
  • Interview techniques