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Find the best fit for your organisation

profilers.jpgKnow your candidates better before employing. QJumpers' profilers give you an indication to the potential success of an employee.

Businesses are recognising more and more the need for "fit" between employer and employee as it increases productivity and increases staff retention.

Businesses are also recognising the need for a "fit" in culture. Positive workplaces depend on the aligning of company and employee values and the profilers available through QJumpers allow for this "fit" to be identified.

Did you know that if you employ the wrong candidate, the estimated cost to your business is one and a half times the annual salary of that employee?

QJumpers' profilers are an inexpensive yet effective tool to ensure you are making the best employment decision.

We offer two different Psychometric Profiling tools:

  1. EQ Profile $199 + GST per candidate
  2. Values & Behaviour Profilers $29 + GST per candidate

1. What is the EQ?

EQ profiling is QJumpers' measure for the immeasurable.eq.jpg

It reports candidates' levels of the top ten qualities employers say they value the most. These ten values were sourced through research by one of New Zealand's top Universities in collaboration with New Zealand employers. The EQ profiler is unique and exclusive to QJumpers and is a guide to the potential success of an employee in a new role.

By purchasing the EQ Profiler, you also get the Behaviour and Values profilers to ensure that you are getting the perfect candidate match for your role.

2. What are the Values & Behaviour Profilers?

The Values and Behaviour Profilers complement each other and are done in tandem. Measuring how a candidate "sees, hears and feels" things, the Value Profiler ensures you can gauge whether their values match those required for the role.

The Behaviour Profiler highlights a candidate's most common behavioural traits providing you with insight on how to best manage an employee and even how they fit into your existing team.
Combined, these two profilers arm you with in depth candidate information, so you can make better employment decisions.

Available on their own, or with the EQ Profiler for your recruitment ease, the Values & Behaviour Profilers will help you ensure you make the best decision for your business.