Heading in a fresh direction

New Services launching in June 2013

Introducing our new services

We are excited to announce that we will soon launch our new simplified services, that offer you greater flexibility and an improved experience.

After closely watching global trends in job seeking, and an increasing number of job seekers coming directly to our site, we have re-designed our services to allow more choice in promoting your job vacancy. 

From 1st June we will offer services starting from only $89+gst.  This will replace our current Applicant Sourcing service.  You can post your vacancy on QJumpers, share it to social media, and on your own website, and all applicants will be brought into the one account to manage.  Our talent pool will be available, which holds thousands of eager candidates, and you can then add one or more of the major job-boards and then manage all your candidates with our clever tools.  Too easy!  If you are short on time, our popular Shortlist service is available to get straight to the best people.

All this will be done on our swishy new website which will be launched at the same time, and offer improved job loading and a cleaner Applicant Management System.

New site screen shot


Why have you changed your services?

In line with global trends, we wish to give our clients greater flexibility in promoting their job vacancies.

  • If you have a strong website or social media presence you can select the QJumpers only option, and direct applicants into the online system without adding on extra advertising costs.
  • Clients can now choose one or both of the major NZ job boards, rather than being required to take both as a package.
  • Your job vacancy will also be picked up from our website by the Job search engines at no extra cost

What do I get for $89?

Your Job vacancy will be listed on the QJumpers website, and you can share it on your social media sites, your own website and anywhere else you choose. You will also have access to our talent pool of thousands of job seekers.  Applicants from all sources will be delivered into your online account for you to view and manage.

From here you can select additional advertising boards (like Seek & TradeMe)

What if I am currently paying a monthly fee to use the QJumpers system?

If you are currently on a monthly price plan for a more developed e-Recruitment system, then the $89 fee may not be applicable.  Speak with your Account Manager for details

How do I get more Employment Branding on the jobsites?

Previously many of our clients have had their vacancies listed on Seek and TradeMe under the QJumpers account, but from June we will be able to place the advertising on your behalf using your Organisation's brand - giving you increased exposure.

I am currently buying advertising in packs through QJumpers. Can I still do this?

Yes, you can buy advertising in packs for the job boards.  This will be additional to the $89 fee or your monthly charge.

What is the benefit of the QJumpers Applicant Management System?

Our Applicant Management System (AMS), also known as Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps you manage all of the applications for your vacancy, guides you through the recruitment process, and is easily accessed via the web.  You'll wonder how you operated without it. 

Fast becoming a vital piece of human resources software, our AMS delivers applicants from all sources into your account, from whichever source they applied from (Seek, TradeMe Jobs, Heraldjobs, your own careers site, social media and even print advertising).

Our web based system allows you to view all applicants online and at anytime. They will be sorted by job vacancy and application date.

Decline or shortlist with the click of a button, and keep applicants up to date with their progress. Emails are generated to advise prospective candidates of the outcome of their application.  You can customise email content and add your own company branding.

The ability to respond promptly to applicants, and keep them informed assists greatly with your employment branding and the image job seekers (and potential customers) carry of you.  This software can save you up to 85% in recruitment administration time when managing a job vacancy.   Applicants are automatically sent a message acknowledging receipt of their application.

Can I list my job on Seek & TradeMe without the $89 charge?

No, you will still incur the $89 fee as this covers the QJumpers Applicant Management System that you will use to manage your candidates.

Why have you removed the Filter service?

We have provided an automated alternative, and have added a ‘Build your own Screening Questionnaire’ for a cost of $99.  This will automatically filter out candidates that do not meet your requirements.  We do provide HR services as well, and if desired our HR consultant can personally filter applicants for you.  Enquire for pricing.

Prices exclude gst.