Customised e-Recruitment ... made easy

Customised e-Recruitment

At last … a simple e-recruitment solution that allows to you organise, delegate and set permission levels to suit your business. The perfect solution for larger business that have unique needs.

The customised system allows a variety of permission levels for job vacancies, fitting in with department and organisation structures.

Every client we work with has a slightly different process and the need for customisation has become essential.  Larger clients require different people to be involved in the recruitment process at different stages and they are often at different locations.  We meet with them and design a customised system that meets their individual needs - providing extra functionality which allows them to delegate, approve and establish a variety of permission levels for job vacancies.

  "Our clients are always telling us how easy to use our e-recruitment system is" Simon Oldham, Corporate Development Manager adds, "This is what makes us stand out from the others."  

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