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Applicant Management System

The QJumpers FREE online Applicant Management System (AMS), also known as Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps you manage all of the applications for your vacancy and guides you through the recruitment process. View demo.

Fast becoming a vital piece of human resources software, you can view all applicants online, anytime. They have been sorted by job vacancy and application date.

All applications from the major jobsites (SEEK, Trademe jobs, Heraldjobs, your own careers site, Facebook), and even print advertising are automatically delivered into your QJumpers' account so you can view all prospective candidates in one place.  The applicants are automatically sent an email advising them that you have received their application and will be in touch shortly.

Dismiss or shortlist with the click of a button. System emails are automatically generated to come directly from you with your company logo, or else customise the emails to suit your requirements.

The ability to respond promptly to applicants, and keep them informed assists with your employment branding.  This software can save you up to 85% in recruitment administration time when managing a job vacancy.

If you require multiple logins, and permission levels we provide the option of a Customised e-Recruitment Solution.

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