Over 2500 employers use QJumpers. Isn’t it time you saw what the fuss is about?

About Us

The new way to recruit great staff!

QJumpers is the first recruitment agency to put the total recruitment process online. The result is a very easy to use Software as a Service (SaaS) recruitware solution that all companies can afford to use.

We have a team of professionals working with you to make recruiting that much easier.

QJumpers' innovative recruitment services have transparent pricing. Fixed fees. No surprises. No placement fees. Just great personal service combined with a locally developed online recruitment system that helps you to take control of the recruitment process.

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For Job Seekers...

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Put your CV online at QJumpers and allow jobs to come to you before applicants from the main job sites start applying!

Keep your CV up to date and use it for life. It will never get lost, the dog won't eat it, the hard drive won't crash.
When the right opportunity comes your way, all you need to do is accept an employer's invitation and you are already ahead of the game.